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Premium Housekeeping Cart

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Model Numbers: 

  • HKC2000

Product Features:

The Suncast Commercial Premium Housekeeping Cart is our most innovative cart and durable cart. With the 360° adjustable caster system that allows for a fixed front caster mode, which keeps the housekeeping cart straight when desired, or full-range 360° movement, perfect for tight spaces, sharp corners, turn-arounds and side to side handling. The included spacious standard bag can be used for collecting laundry or linens, and the added lid will keep these items out of sight. This is the perfect cart for all of your janitorial and housekeeping needs.

  • 360° Adjustable Caster System
  • Bumpers designed to reduce costly wall damage
  • Adjustable shelf for customized interior storage
  • One standard bag included for collecting laundry or refuse
  • Long handle tool storage on all four sides

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January 28, 2021